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Building a Bridge to Alleviate Poverty in Our Community

Bridges out of Poverty Northern Colorado is a two-year pilot initiative of Bohemian Foundation intended to be a catalyst for the public, private, faith and nonprofit sectors of our community to build mutually-beneficial partnerships guided by the common goal to alleviate poverty. As part of this initiative, Bohemian Foundation provides free training to business leaders and managers, educators and academic advisors, students, nonprofits, social services agencies and independent community members on the nationally-recognized Bridges out of Poverty framework and mental models of economic class.

At Bohemian Foundation, we seek to involve our citizens in the care and improvement of our community and to educate and inspire our citizens into action on community issues. Bohemian Foundation believes in helping to reduce poverty for the health, well-being and economic success of our community.

The overarching goal of Bridges out of Poverty Northern Colorado is to improve economic sustainability in our community and help under-resourced individuals and families permanently transition out of poverty. Bridges relies upon collaboration and partnerships as it takes a community approach to addressing the problems of generational and situational poverty. We believe that when we partner together to search out solutions to barriers that impede social inclusion and self-sufficiency, we create a rising tide of well-being for all community members.  

Learn more about Larimer County's efforts to affect change.

Browse our Report to the Community that profiles local efforts to put into practice three national poverty alleviation models: Bridges out of Poverty, Circles Larimer County and the Workplace Navigator Pilot Program.

To request a hard copy of the Report to the Community or learn about upcoming Bridges out of Poverty training dates, please contact Valerie Wendall.

 Bridges out of Poverty Northern Colorado Areas of Focus:

Bohemian Foundation has organized Bridges into three strategic areas to better adapt training to meet community needs and increase the effectiveness of the initiative to reduce poverty across diverse public and private sectors.

Bridges For Business

Bridges for Business offers training to employers, providing innovative business strategies to assist employees with personal and financial instability. Businesses that have implemented Bridges practices have seen decreased retention and training costs, enhanced productivity and a more stable workforce.


Bridges for Community

Bridges for Community offers training to area nonprofits, faith-based organizations, government agencies and community members in the Bridges constructs with a focus on community-level action. Training includes examining the barriers to change for people in poverty and methods for creating sustainable communities.


Bridges for Education

Bridges for Education offers training to P-12 and higher education administrators, teachers, faculty, counselors, academic advisors and students on Bridges constructs to improve learning and increase graduate rates among low-income students. Bridges also can be implemented in course curriculum across multiple disciplines.


Community Launch of Bridges Northern Colorado and Circles Larimer County.



Upcoming Bridges Trainings


Bridges for Community Training

Friday, May 9th, 2014

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Embassy Suites Loveland


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